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BBS Teaching & Learning Center

Building teacher capacity to improve student achievement

تنمية قدرات المعلمين لتحسين أداء الطلاب 

The BBS Teaching and Learning Center team would like to take this opportunity to thank you for checking out our monthly professional learning newsletter, Taking Home the Beacon. It is our hope that you are able to use the information as a beacon, or guiding light, in thinking about your instructional practice.

We will be publishing this newsletter monthly with input from various stakeholders in the BBS community, including you! We are looking forward to sharing this opportunity with you to contribute your knowledge with the community as well. As you browse the pages, you will notice the Big Four strategies, PD information, teacher stories, and curriculum highlights that have been curated from the great work happening across the school. Please contact any of the instructional coaches if you would like to contribute an article, video, or photographs to be included in upcoming issues.

Our hope is that Taking Home the Beacon will be another way for the community to communicate the good work that BBS is doing to support our students along their educational journeys.